by Richard A. Annotico, Esq.
INDEX - 2011
  • Obit: Jeno Palucci, 93, Humble Beginnings of Italian Immigrants to World #1 Entreprenuer
  • Wealthy Show Support For OWS

  • October

  • Bin Laden Capture Will Be An Italian Corker of An Event
  • Oh, To See Ourselves As Others See Us
  • Obit: Antonio Cassese, 74; War Crimes Law Expert
  • Mario Draghi, Bank of Italy Head: Young People Right to be Indignant
  • Sharia Law, Hasidic Law, or Civil Secular Law- Women to Back of the Bus
  • Southern Europe's Lost Generation Stuck In Junk Jobs
  • "Lake Shore" Canada's Answer to MTV's Jersey Shore Cancelled
  • Italy's Black Widow Refuses Day Release As She Does Not Want To Work
  • Obit: Pete Rugolo; 95; Jazz Arranger, Composer
  • Il Volo: The Boys Who Tempt Teens to Love Opera in US
  • Dissent of Selection of Grand Marshall of Columbus NYC Parade
  • Denver,Co Sees Relatively Peaceful Columbus Day Parade, Protests Fade !!
  • Beppe Severgnini's "Mamma Mia!": 10 Reasons Why Italians Tolerate Berlusconi
  • Alyssa Campanella, Miss USA 2011, Stars in NYC Columbus Day Parade
  • The "MOVEMENT" an  Italian American Educational Exhibit in Chicago
  • Columbus Day Is More Complex Than It Looks 
  • COLUMBUS - Third  Most Important Person in History, That is Non Religious 
  • "Foxy Knoxy", Casey Anthony, & O.J. Simpson - All Not Guilty, But Not Innocent 
  • IAOVC  Scores Again: Paterson NJ School District Reinstates Columbus Holiday 
  • Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, CEO of Ferrari,  Uncrowned King of Italy,

  • September
  • Calandra's Sciorra's  Anti -Italian Prejudice - This Time re : "And They Came to Chicago"
  • Gov. Christie Vetos Tax Credit For MTV'S "JERSEY SHORE"
  • Wall Street Journal Blasts "Shore" Credits, While N.J. Star Ledger Claims Not Giving Credits is Censorship 
  • Italian Americans Get "Reluctant" Apology from Bob Beckel of Fox News
  • Kobe Bryant to Play for Virtus Bologna  for $600,000 per game? 
  • Comitini, Sicily Has Traffic Under Control, But Scandal Reigns in LA County 
  • Italian Americans: Ethnicity and Assimilation ; Parenti vs Alba
  • Austerity Measures Promotes Thoughts of Princely Startes
  • High Quality Northern, Southern Italian Cuisine, AND Italian American Cuisine Return to NYC "Little Italy"
  • August
  • Italy Vs United States: Family and Social Structures
  • $65 BILLION of 158 F-22  NEVER Flew a Combat Mission for TWENTY YEARS
  • July
  • "Russian Dolls" Jews of Brighton Beach to Compete with "Jersey Shore"
  • Greta "Scorchy" Scacchi, Pregnant with Cousin's Second Child
  • No Lie: Pinocchio's Life Had Roots in Reality
  • Balbo Drive - Petition to Erase Italian Landmark
  • CUOMO to Be OBAMA's  2012 Running Mate????? NIGGER and WOP????
  • Andrew Cuomo NOT Eligible for President ...Because He is Italian American!!!
  • Boston's North End: Awash in Italian Red, White, and Green
  • Obit: Jimmy Roselli, 85 - The Other Sinatra




  • Layer 'Cake' -TV Series - Positive Italian American Image
  • Rudy, Goodbye is Too Soon; Whereas Mario, We Can Hardly Wait
  • 'Sopranos' Comparison Causes Fight On California Assembly Floor
  • Analysis of Radical Left's Recent Local Electoral Successes in Italy
  • Italians Vote to Abandon Nuclear Energy
  • WNBA Diana Taurasi Vindicated in Drug Accusation
  • This Season of Jersey Shore  Cursed? - Italians Claim USA Deserves a Terrorist Attack for Filming in Italy!!!!
  • "Jersey Shore" Cast Leave Florence to Find Italian Relatives -- Relatives NOT Excited !!! :) :)
  • Italian Americans Pledged Allegiance to Rocky Marciano and other Sports Greats
  • Prof. Juliani Responds to " Italian World War I Trench Battles" Post
  • Italian World War I Trench Battles Retraced by US Military Staff Ride
  • "Blood Type: Ragu" - One-Man Show,  Actor-playwright Frank Ingrasciotta Makes Peace with his Sicilian Heritage
  • Jersey Shore Apologizes For Being "Offensive" ; Not to Italians- Americans, But "Trannys"
  • Italy Will Give Jersey Shore  Cast The Boot On June 20th
  • Italy's Francesca Schiavone Defending Champ Loses French Open Singles Tennis Title to Chinese Li Na
  • The Mafia Hates Jersey Shore
  • MTV & " Jersey Shore" Turning US Into The United States of Jersey
  • Italians Celebrate 150 Years of RE Unification
  • Giovanni Palatucci Honored, Hero of Holocaust-era Jews
  • Video: Jon Stewart Goes Berserk About Donald Trump's Pizza-Eating - FUNNY !!!
  • Florence Labels "Jersey Shore" as "Tamarri" or "Yokels" and Unlikely to Succumb to "Stendhal Syndrome" - WSJ
  • The Italian Paradox




  • Italian Fashion Supreme for Half Century 
  • Italy Elections: Berlusconi Gets Bloody Nose
  • "Padule di Fucecchio" WWII Massacre of 184 Gets Three Ex-Nazis Life
  • Florentines Appalled at "Jersey Shore" - Called "Fare Casino"
  • Italians Love Their Food, But are Slimmest in Europe
  • "Tamarri" (yokel or uncultured idiot) "Jersey Shore" Cast Start Pizza Wars in Florence 
  • Arandora Star Monument Dedicated - Italian Cloister Garden at St Andrews Cathedral in Glasgow
  • 'Jersey Shore' Cast (The SuperBuffoons) Lands in Florence
  • US Wall Street has "The Bull", Italy Milan Bourse Gets "The Finger"
  • Dad Rips Into His Son  'The Situation' of Jersey Shore
  • San Diego "Little Italy" Still Vibrant
  • Predicted EarthQuake in Rome Is No Show
  • Famed Israeli Conductor Daniel Barenboim w Italians from La Scala Conducts Peace Concert in Gaza
  • Christina Perri Enjoying Overnight Success
  • Istituto Lorenzo de' Medici Gives Italian Youths Warning and Refuge from Jersey Shore Cast 
  • April
  • Assicurazioni Generali Resignation of Chairman Cesare Geronz... is Good for Italy.
  • Mark Kostabi Premieres "Con Artist". Now Calls Rome Home 
  • Super Mario Draghi of Italy, Top candidate for Head of the European Central Bank
  • Theoidiotic History Professor DeMattei Claims Fall of Rome Caused by Homosexuality 
  • Book: "The Journey of the Italians in America" By Vincenza Scarpaci
  • March
  • Geraldine A. Ferraro, From Extremely Modest Background to Breaking Glass Cielings 
  • Ardeatine Caves Massacre Memorial to Nazi Victims in Rome
  • "It Happened in Italy"  Another Documentation of Italians Saving Jews During WWII
  • Obit: Geraldine Ferraro, First Female Vice Presidential Candidate
  • "Jersey Shore" as Role Model for Teeners. 
  • Berlusconi is Fun Loving Choir Boy Compared to Israel's Former President Katsav 
  • The Dithering in Libya, Not About Democracy But Economics 
  • Celebrating ReUnification in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia ?
  • The Southern Italian is Lower than a Negro - Booker T. Washinfton
  • "How Italian Food Conquered the World" ; By John F. Mariani
  • Italian Riviera is Celebebrity Hotspot -Rivaling the "Other" Italian/French Riviera
  • WWII Allied Aces Give High Praise to Italian Pilots, Low Marks to Luftwaffe
  • For Closely Tied Italy and Libya - Freedom War Can't End Soon Enough
  • A 150 yr ReUnification Celdebration, after Initial Unification 2200 yrs ago
  • "Italian American Reconciliation"  on Broadway 
  • Dietrologia: An Italian Mindset:  Official Explanation for Something Can Rarely Be The Real One
  • Berlusconi in 13 'sexual acts' with 17-year-old; We Want Details - Compared with US
  • 600 "Authentic" Italian Restaurants Identified Worldwide; 18 of them are in Chicago
  • 10 Best Italian Sexy Movies
  • Heroic Riccardo Muti Conducts Rare Encore of "Va' Pensiero," With Audience Participation.
  • Antonio Pappano: 'I didn't know what I was. Now I'm discovering my Italian roots.'
  • Beaches and the Bush of Kenya  have an Italian beneath every Umbrella!
  • Fast Cars to Latin Lovers: Italy's Top 15 Cultural Exports
  • Libya to Punish Italy for Siding with Ghaddi Opposition
  • Rep. Peter King Leads Bigot Hearings: What Next, Hearings on Italian Americans and Crime?
  • Italy Pledges Support for Any Sanctions Against Libya
  • Book:  "The Pursuit Of Italy", By David Gilmour
  • Book Review: 'Conversations With Scorsese'
  • Anti-Italianism - A History 
  • How Muammar al-Qaddafi Hoodwinked Italy for Decades
  • Italian Language is a Powerfully Aggregating Factor
  • Pompeii Exhibit In NYC Shines Light On Buried City
  • "Beyond DiMaggio", a Book on The History of Italian Americans in Baseball 
  • "Guido Monologues" Off-Off Broadway Play Not "Jersey Shore", But Still Crap
  • Italy Would Permit UN Using Sigonella Airbase in Sicily to Enforce Libya No Fly Zone
  • "Jersey Boys"  Raging Success on Broadway of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons




  • Turin, Home of Fiat, Could be the Next Detroit
  • Manhattan's "Little Italy"  Getting "A Lot Littler"
  • Connecticut Claims "Most Italian" Status, Moves Rhode Island Aside?
  • Italy is Libya's Top Trading Partner-  Effect of Unrest 
  • Clinton Sex Scandal Considered  Prudish By Europeans; Berlusconi's Sex Life Now a Catastrophe
  • Italy's Amalfi Coast: Eat, Pray, Awesome 
  • Boy Brits Are 'Turning Italian'  - Becoming "Mammismos"
  • Venice Carnival - The Masked Charms
  • Viva Italia: 2012 Fiat 500
  • OMG - Snooki  is Way Dumber Than Dirt!!!!!
  • Italy's Million Dollar "God Of Wind" Sports Car Coming To America
  • "Foxy Knoxy" Parents Indicted for Libel in Italy
  • Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire in NYC - Centennial Commemeration of 39 Italians Out of 149 Dead
  • Italian Women Demand Berlusconi to Take Vow of Celibacy
  • Italy Struggles with Tunisia Refugee Flood
  • ~~~5000~~~
  • 'The Betrothed' ("I Promessi Sposi"-1827), by Alessandro Manzoni, Greatest Italian Novel of Modern Times 
  • Christof Innerhofer of Italy Wins Gold, Silver and Bronze  In World Ski Championships
  • Watts Towers Get $500,000 Grant for Preservation
  • Prosciutto is to Ham as Lamborghini is to a Mini Cooper
  • Snooki Voted Nightmare Celebrity Valentine's Date
  • British Rupert Murdoch Makes Berlusconi look SmallTime 
  • Italian Ladies Throw Panties at Berslusconi
  • Disunity over Unification Celebration
  • Lady Gaga- Outlandish and Traditional - Vogue Cover
  • Book: "Halfway to Each Other"
  • Simon Rodia's Watts Towers - Treasure Struggles for Recognition and Financing
  • "Jersey Shore" Producer Sally Ann Salsano: "I was Snooki," a Youthful Fat Drunken Whore
  • Italian "Big Mamma" Stereotypes Gone - Thin Is In
  • Italy Cringes at "Jersey Shore" Filming




  • Italy's 150th Anniversary - Pres. Obama & Other  State Leaders Dignataries Invited
  • US Extends Agreement re: Looting of Italy's Archaeological Treasures 
  • Top Ten Best Italian Movie Stars; Classic Movies; Movies of 2010
  • IAOVC  Names SallyAnn Salsano Winner of 2010 "Pasta-Tute" of the Year Award 
  • Michael Parenti: What is My Ethnicity? Italian-American or Mafia?
  • Italian 'Influential Jews' List Raises Jewish Ire
  • Italians are Crazy for Facebook
  • Italy Wins World Cup Of Poker 2011
  • "What a Beautiful Day" Now Italy's Most SuccessfulFilm
  • Scene from "Good Shepard": Owners of US tell Italians, Imdigenous et al, You are Just Visitors
  • Laura Soave, Fulfills Her Destiny as Portrayed by 35 year Photo
  • Italy Second Guessing Oscar Nomination "The First Beautiful Thing" vs. "I Am Love"
  • Mirafiori: Fiat's Oldest, Biggest Factory Gets New Life
  • "Brava, Valentine" By Adriana Trigiani, Sequel to "Very Valentine"
  • Andrea Palladio Resolution Passes Congress
  • Italy is Politically Pristine Compared to Israel
  • If US Has Such Outstanding Medical Care, Why is Omaha Family Going to Italy?
  • Italians Object to Spike Lee's King Holiday Speech
  • Italian Beers Gaining Respect
  • Cycling Differences Between Italy and France -Very Informative
  • Haverhill MA Sons of Italy Drum and Bugle Corps Marches to the Beat of Tradition and Family For 7 decades
  • Caserta, Italy, and  the Palace of Caserta, that Shames Versailles
  • Jersey Shore Premieres HUGE - 8 Million
  • Patty Stanger & Millionaire Matchmaker - The Jewish " Jersey Shore"
  • Italy's Oscar Entries: "I Am Love" and "La Prima Cosa Bella" Are in Ugly Battle
  • Sicily: A New Dawn
  • Highly Educated Italians Leave Italy for Greater Job Opportunities
  • Louis Prima - Dynamic and Supercharged with Neapolitan Magnetism - Wall Street Journal
  • John Fante; Italian American Novelist, The Most Famous Unknown Writer in America
  • Italy Bans Plastic Bags, California Fails To
  • Robert De Niro Woos Monica Bellucci: 'Manual of Love 3'
  • PANE AMARO (Bitter Bread)
  • Italy's Nuclear Renaissance
  • Spumante vs. Champagne: Battle of the Bubbles
  • Sign Petition to Save CSULB's Italian Studies MA Program

  • December 2010
  • Italian Teen Boys Troubled by Topless Sunbather ?
  • What Are Those Dark Spots On That Dam?  Hoax or Astounding?? 
  • Obit: Amedeo Guillet, 101: Italian Officer Led the Last  Cavalry Charge Faced by British Army in 1941.
  • Candace Dempsey Is Journalistic Whore for Amanda  Knox, and Stirring up Anti-Italy Sentiments
  • Catania-Syracuse 19 mi Solar Powered Highway First  Ever to be Built
  • DVD: "The American" Starring George Clooney in Italian Abruzzo Mountains is World's First "Spy Arthouse" Movie 
  • Book:"The Deeds of My Fathers" - Generoso Pope Sr: Italian Immigrant to NY Cement King, Publisher of "Il

  •  Progresso"
  • Erri De Luca: Iran is the Most Important Country in World Politics Today
  • "The Tailor at the Bottom of the Sea" and 450 Other Italian- English Perish
  • Italy's  Ancient and Renaissance Ruins Going to Ruin
  • "Brutti ma Buoni"- "Ugly But Good" Cookies - Tasty Italian Tradition
  • Italian "Seven Fishes" Christmas Eve Tradition
  • Italy Seizes BofA, UBS etc Assets in Derivative Swaps Fraud 
  • Berluscomi Survives Close Confidence Vote
  • Ancient Roman Statue Unearthed by Powerful Storm  in Israel
  • US Ambassador to Italy Campaigns vs  "Bullying" for LGBT, But Not Others !!!!! 
  • "Tarantella for the Winter Solstice"  - Not  Your Grandmother's Tarantella 
  • Nixon Tapes - Bigot or Realistic? Kissinger OK's Russian Jewish Holocaust 
  • Italy's Rolling Stone Names Julian Assange -  Rockstar of the Year
  • Most of Venice Under Water
  • Israeli Conductor Daniel Barenboim Wants  to  Resurrect Wagner at La Scala 
  • Wikileaks Julian Assange Featured in Famous Naples Christmas Nativity
  • Chrysler: Italians Succeed where Germans Failed
  • Love Goddess "Aphrodite" is Returned to Italy 
  • Italy is Hard to Resist; From Villages Clinging to  Mountainsides to the Locals' Love of Life
  • Giuseppe Garibaldi: Hero of Two Worlds ; NY Times
  • More Proof That Vikings Were First to America, NO, Not Really !!!!! 
  • NY Gov. Cuomo is like Machiavelli; And That's Good !!!
  • Pierre Trudeau and Italians in Canada 
  • Matteo Manassero: Italian Teen Golfing Sensation  Named Rookie of Year on the European Tour
  • Book Claims Christopher Columbus Polish!!!!
  • OMG: Friggin Johnny "Meathead" DeCarlo's  Fat Frggin Slut Megin Prepares for Bastard Birth 
  • Italy: Lack of Opportunity Prompts 4 Mln Italians to  Live Abroad


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